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Thursday 14th of May 2009

 "Prof. dr. IULIAN DRǍCEA" Aula Magna


800- 845 - Reception and registration of the participants

900-910 - Festive opening session

 910-955 - Doctor Honoris Causa awarding to Prof. dr. Cristian Ioan

                HERA, USAMV Bucharest

955-1040 - Doctor Honoris Causa awarding to Prof. dr. Leon Sorin

                  MUNTEAN, USAMV Cluj Napoca

1040-1100 - Coffee break

1100-1300 Papers presentation/Sessions

1315-1415 Lunch

1445- 1800 - Papers presentation/Sessions

         1900 Festive Dinner at the Restaurant of USAMVBT (inside of University)









Friday 15th of May 2009

800- 915 - Papers presentation/Sessions

915-930     Coffee break

930-945      Discussions and conclusions of Symposium

1000- 1400   Post Symposium tour to the Ornithological Reservation

                   from Satchinez 

                  Lunch to the Schwaben Hause from Şandra locality












Moderators: Prof. dr. Branko Marincovič

                       Prof dr.Valeriu Tabără

                       Prof. dr. Georgeta Pop

Secretary:     Assoc. prof. dr. Lucian Botoş


Thursday 14th of May 2009, 1100-1800


1.        MARINKOVIĆ Branko, CRNOBARAC Jovan, JAĆIMOVIĆ Goran, LATKOVIĆ Dragana, MARINKOVIĆ Jelena, MIRCOV Dragoslav Vlad, Haban Miroslav - Climate change in the function of sugarbeet yield

2.        JELIĆ Miodrag, KOVAČEVIĆ Vlado, DJALOVIĆ Ivica and BIBERDIĆ Milan - Climate change influences on maize yields  in Serbia and Croatia

3.        KOVACEVIC Vlado, SOSTARIC Jasna, JOSIPOVIC Marko, ILJKIC Dario, MARKOVIC Monika - Precipitation and temperature regime impacts on maize yields in eastern Croatia

4.        Candrkov Eva, Szombathov N., Smatana J. - The yield and quality of spring barley affected by nitrogen fertilization during growing period

5.        DAVID Gh., NIŢĂ Simona, BORCEAN Adrian - Oenothera biennis L. in south-western Banat

6.        PRSAN Paul, DUDA Marcel, TABĂRĂ Valeriu, DAVID Gheorghe, IMBREA Florin, POP Georgeta,  NIŢĂ Simona,  IMBREA Ilinca, MUCETE Daniela, BUNGESCU Sorin, BOTOS Lucian, JURJESCU Adela - Research on technology of cultivation of medicinal species in terms of Banat pedoclimatice

7.        LUNGU Marius, PANAITESCU Liliana, ALBU Anca, Simona Niţă - The strong winds - climatic hazards to the agricultural crops in Dobrudja

8.        MATEI Gh., GHEORGHE D., ROŞCULETE Elena, IMBREA F., COJOCARU Ileana, Research regarding the influence of rotation and fertilization to the yield and her quality on maize cultivated on irrigated sandy soil from south-west of Oltenia

9.        PANAITESCU Liliana, LUNGU Marius, Niţă Simona, ALBU Anca - Researches regarding the reinsertion of cotton culture in dobrogea (Gossipium hirsutum l.), considering the climate changes, within the context of sustainable agriculture

10.     DUŞA Elena Mirela, ROMAN Gheorghe Valentin - Researches regarding the productivity of oat-lentil intercropping in the organic agriculture system

11.      PANDIA Olimpia, SARACIN Ion - Amino acids content of Zea mays everta perlat 625 in irrigated and not irrigated system

12.     PANDIA Olimpia, SARACIN Ion, The influence of the nitrogen and phosphorus doses on the production and the quality at the zea mays everta perlat 625

13.     POPOVICI Mariana, BUCUREAN Eva - The interaction of the technological factors on the production of the Dropia autumn wheat cultivar

14.     POPOVICI Mariana, BUCUREAN Eva -The influence of crop rotation over the yield and the quality of the seeds for the Dropia autumn wheat cultivar

15.     ROŞCULETE Elena, MATEI Gh., SOARE Rodica, DODOCIOIU Ana Maria, SUSINSKI M. - The influence of fertilization and soil tillage on the   dynamics of ammoniacal nitrogen from the chernozem culivated with wheat at scda Caracal

16.     SORHENŢ Cornel, BORCEAN Ioan -Research concerning the behaviour of some winter wheat cultivars with differentiated fertilisation in the flooding valley of the Mureş rive

17.     Sabău N. C., Şandor Maria, Domuţa C., Brejea R., Domuţa Cr.- The influence of the climate conditions on wheat yields, cultivated on a luvosol from oradea, controlated polluted with oil

18.     TODORAN Camelia, MORAR G., DUDA M.M., NEAG Cristina Maria - Research concerning the influence of the nitrogen fertilizing on the sprouting and growing vigou uniformity in the main maize seeds hybrids cultivated in Transilvania

19.     BUJANCĂ Gabriel, PRŞAN Paul, IMBREA Florin, BOTOŞ Lucian - Quick wheat conditioning

20.     BUJANCĂ Gabriel, PRŞAN Paul, DAVID Gheorghe, IMBREA Florin, BOTOŞ Lucian - Hygroscopic proprieties of oleaginous cattle cakes

21.     CAMPEAN Sorin Vasile, HAS Voichita, HAS Ioan - Plant poulation effects on few yield parameters in some ,,Turda maize hybrids

22.     Iagăru Pompilica, Ciortea GLIGOR, Romulus IAGĂRU - Studies on multiplication of potato planting material from superior categories under free conditions of viroses

23.     GROSZ Daniel - The inluence of the fertilization upon the oil content and production on one assortment of the rape varieties

24.     GROSZ Daniel - Study upon the main morphological and productive characters on seven rape varieties cultivated in different fertilization conditions

25.     IONESCU Alina Maria, ROMAN Gheorghe Valentin - Research regarding biology, ecology and productivity of Carthamus tinctorius l. Species under the central part of Roumanian plain conditions

26.     TOADER Maria, ROMAN Gheorghe Valentin - Experimental results regarding morphological, biological an yield quality of Amaranthus hypochondriacus  l. Species under the central part of romanian plain conditions












Moderators: Prof. dr. Ioan Rotar

     Prof. dr. Luminiţa Cojocariu                                   

Secretary:     Lecturer dr.Veronica Sărăţeanu


Thursday 14th of May 2009, 1100-1800


1.        ROTAR Ioan, GRDA Nicoleta, PĂCURAR Florin, VIDICAN Roxana - Study of mountain landscape elements in Apuseni mountains (Grda de Sus community)

2.        DERŞIDAN Ştefania Anica, Moisuc Alexandru -The dynamics of the Species from the vegetation carpet of some sandy-land grassland from Valea lui Mihai Bihor County

3.        DERŞIDAN Ştefania Anica, Moisuc Alexandru - Researches concerning the productivity of some sandy-land grassland from Valea lui Mihai Bihor county

4.        LAIEŞ Doru George, Moisuc Alexandru - Comparative researches concerning the fertilisation effect on the yield of a abandoned agricultural land grassland and a permanent grassland from grădinari(CaraşSeverin county)

5.        PAVEL Valeria, Moisuc Alexandru - Characterisation of the pastoral value of some grassland flooded in 2005 from Timiş County

6.        Cojocariu Luminita, Iancu Tiberiu,  Horablaga Marinel, Cojocariu Adrian, Horablaga Adina -The economical efficiency of the application of bio-stimulators at some fodder.

7.        COJOCARIU Luminita, MOISUC Alexandru, SAMFIRA Ionel,  HORABLAGA Marinel, RADU Florina, BOSTAN Cristian, FLORIN Marian - The effect of different types of fertilizers on the production capacity of mangel-wurzel -bet under the conditions in Timisoara

8.        Hărmănescu Monica, Alexandru Moisuc -The pls-cv model for determination of total crude protein content in forages from a permanent meadow (grădinari; Caras-Severin) using nir spectroscopy (1100-2200 nm)

9.        Hărmănescu Monica, Alexandru Moisuc- The influence of organic and mineral fertilization on the sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium content in the forages from a permanent meadow (grădinari;Caraş-Severin).

10.     HORABLAGA Marinel, COJOCARIU Luminita,  MOISUC Alexandru, FLORIN Marian, BOSTAN Cristian, LENESCHI Valentin - The influence of vegetation stages on production per plant at sorghum bicolor (l.) Moench

11.     HORABLAGA Marinel, COJOCARIU Luminita,  MOISUC Alexandru, HORABLAGA Adina, Marian Florin, CORCHES Mihaela - Issues regarding the influence of the agofund on the production earmarking on scythe at lolium multiflorum l.  in Timisoara environment

12.     SĂRĂŢEANU Veronica, Moisuc Alexandru - Perennial grasses spontaneous in the grasslands from Western Romania with potential for their use for turf

13.     SĂRĂŢEANU Veronica, Moisuc Alexandru - The evolution of the composition of an ornamental turf under the influence of the maintenance works

14.     MARIAN Florin, MOISUC Alexandru, COJOCARIU Luminita, HORABLAGA Marinel - The efect of italian ryegrass and crimsom clover mixture on the production capacity in Timisoara conditions

15.     DRAGOMIR Carmen, Al. MOISUC, N. DRAGOMIR, S. TOTH - Quantification of the biologically-fixed nitrogen in temporary pastures, with the method of nitrogen balance

16.     DRAGOMIR Carmen - Influence of alfalfa bacterial inoculation with Sinorhizobium meliloti strains on forage yield

  1. Bostan Cristian Studies of vegetale extract proceeding of Lolium perenne L. species on chemical composition of  perennial gramineous











Moderators:   Prof. dr. Stefan Tỳr

                         Prof. dr. Adrian Borcean

       Lecturer dr. Levente Molnar                                   

Secretary:        Assist. dr. Otilia Cotuna


Thursday 14th of May 2009, 1100-1800


  1. BIBERDIĆ Milan, DELETIĆ Neboja, BARAĆ Saa, STOJKOVIĆ Slavia, JELIĆ Miodrag -Possibility of weed killing in maize by herbicides applied after sowing and before sprouting
  2. TR tefan VERE T. LACKO-BARTOOV M. - Efficacy of herbicides control of common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.) in maize
  3. TR tefan T. VERE LACKO-BARTOOV M. - The most problematic weeds in the pea for grain (Pisum sativum L.) in ecological farming
  4. Smatana Jozef, Mack M., Demjanov E., CANDRKOV E., Djalović I. - Weed control in canopy of sugar beet
  5. OROIAN Ioan, OLTEAN Ioan, ODAGIU Antonia, PAULETTE Laura, IEDERAN Cristian, BRAŞOVEAN Ioan - The control and monitoring of the orchard pests in Transylvania
  6. ODAGIU Antonia, OROIAN Ioan, BLTEANU Valentin, IEDERAN Cristian - Improving sample preparation and DNA extraction method in aphids
  7. OLTEAN Ion, GNSCǍ Lucia, FLORIAN Teodor, BUNESCU Horea, BODIŞ Ilonka, VARGA Mircea - Fighting against Adodxophyes orana Peel moth of fruits thru attract and kill method
  8. Tălmaciu Nela, Tălmaciu M., Herea Monica - Observations regarding the biodiversity of entomofauna in some colza cultures
  9. Talmaciu Nela, Huma Ramona - Observations regarding the spreading and control the invasive weeds from a natural pasture
  10. IRIMIA Nicoleta, ULEA E., BĂLĂU Andreea Mihaela - Grapevine varieties behavior on maine pathogens attack in 2008 from the ampelographical collection of U.S.A.M.V. Iasi
  11. IAGĂRU Pompilica, CIORTEA Gligor, IAGĂRU Romulus - Development of aphidinea vector of viroses by the seed potato within the agro-eco system
  12. TIMAR Ana - The dynamics of apple scab attack Venturia inaequalis (CKE.) Wint. in the orchards of apple from Sibiu county, in the period 2006-2008
  13. TIMAR Ana - The dynamics of the attacs of powdery mildew Podosphaera leucotricha (Ell. Et Ev.) Salm.  in the apple orchards from sibiu county during the period 2006-2008
  14. TEUŞDEA Alin, HRUŢA Ovidiu, GABOR Gianina, PORUMB Camelia - Log-polar phase-only correlation applied to beetles systems of galleries
  15. VELICHI Eugen - Dynamics of appearance and evolution to the water melon (Citrullus lanatus L.), of downy mildew [Pseudoperonospora cubensis (Berk. et Curt.) Rostow.], in the rainy years 2004, 2005, in Baragan field, (Braila area)
  16. PROHAB Ionică,  BORCEAN Ioan - Tagetes: nematode unfriendly medicinal, ornamental plant
  17. PĂLĂGEŞIU Ioan, COJOCARU Eugen - Researches concerning the life cycle of the floe tree caterpillar (Orgyia antiqua L)
  18. MOISE Dina-Monica, PĂLĂGEŞIU Ioan - Researches concerning the toxicity of some insecticides towards the polinating bees from Alfaalfa cultivations
  19. VIRTEIU Ana Maria - Researches concerning the external morphology of the bird's foot trefoil thrips (Odontothrips loti Hal) larvae in the west plain conditions
  20. VIRTEIU Ana Maria, GROZEA Ioana, PĂLĂGEŞIU Ioan - Studies about some aspects concerning the external morphology of the odontothrips loti hal. adult in the west Romanian conditions
  21. PETANEC Doru  Ion, MICU Lavinia  Mădălina -  Research concerning the attack by Cydia  pomonella L. on apple in the Timişoara area in 2008
  22. DINUŢĂ Adrian, BUNESCU Horia, PROOROCU Marian, BODIS Ilonka - The effect of corona discharges in the control of granary weevil (Sitophilus granarius L.), major pest of stored cereals
  23. BORCEAN Adrian, MANEA Dan, NITĂ Simona - The behavior of a sunflower assortment at the attack of the main pathogens under conditions from Didactic Station of U.S.A.M.V.B. TIMIŞOARA
  24. BORCEAN Adrian, MOLNAR Levente, NITĂ Simona - Observations concerning the main pathogens of the winter wheat stem base between 2006-2008 at didactic Station of U.S.A.M.V.B. Timişoara
  25. MICU Lavinia Mădălina, PETANEC Doru Ion - Research  regarding  changes in lipids and fatty acids in the wheat grain after infestation by Rhizoperta Dominica
  26. MIRCOV V. D., Z. Fekete, COZMA Antoanela - The analysis of the rain gange system at the main meteorological stations from timis and Caras Severin countries
  27. ZEHAN Rodica Liana - Compounding as the word formation type of   insect names in german.
  28. Gh. POPESCU Colour of plants through genetical filter of life safety in the context  of plant protection (I- genetical green or polienzimatical supplement)



Friday 15th of May 2009, 800-930


  1. Manea Dan Nicolae, Arsene Gicu, Crciu Gheorghe, Alda Simion - APERA SPICA VENTI: a problem weed in straw cereals in the Banat hill area
  2. MOLNAR L., BORCEAN A., BĂLUŢĂ Daniela - On the response of some apple-tree cultivars to the attack by Podosphaera leucotricha (Ell Et Ev.) Solomon in the climate conditions of the D.E.S. IN Timişoara in 2008
  3. ŞTEF Ramona, GROZEA Ioana, CĂRĂBEŢ Alin, VRTEIU Ana-Maria, BĂLUŢĂ Daniela, COTUNA Otilia - The characters analysis and creation of some regression models  at species Sorghum halepense
  4. GROZEA Ioana, STEF Ramona, CARABET A., VIRTEIU Ana Maria, BADEA Marcela, MOLNAR L., COTUNA Otilia - Preliminary studies regarding the useful and pest animal species from different variants of maize in Timis, Calarasi and Braila counties












Moderators:  Prof. dr Gh. Rogobete

                        Assoc. prof. dr.Viorel Ştefan

     Assoc. prof. dr. Isidora Radulov                                     

Secretary:      Lecturer dr. Casiana  Mihuţ


Thursday 14th of May 2009, 1100-1800


1.        JELIĆ Miodrag, DJALOVIĆ Ivica, PAUNOVIĆ Aleksandar, KNEEVIĆ Desimir - Effect of fertilization on al content of different wheat genotypes

2.        KUPE Lirika, BARDHI Nikollaq, KALAJNXHIU Alkeda, JOJI Etleva, VORPSI Valdete, CARA Magdalena, BAME Petraq - Influence of potassium fertilization in plant of potatoes

3.        ROGOBETE Gheorghe - Forest soils from Caraş-Severin county

4.        TUDOR V., ROGOBETE Gh., TUDOR Clara - Organic matter-humus and nitrogen cycle in some soils from Banat area

5.        NEMEŞ Iacob - Land reclamation works applied in the amelioration perimeter in territorial agrarian fond Otelec-Uivar, Timiş county, Romania.

6.        NEMEŞ Nicoleta, COSTESCU Ioana Alina - Using the phosmod model for the phosphates accesibility modelling in the vegetable crops

7.        ULEA E., LIPŞA F. D. - Analysis of microbial community on mine tailings from the national park of Calimani mountain (Eastern Carpathians)

8.        BARBU Silvia, MOISA Carmen, MIRCOV Vlad D. - Cosava a banatean wind

9.        BODOG Marinela, MAN Eugen Teodor - Controlled drainage and subirrigation  - The reversible facilities

10.     BODOG Marinela, MAN Eugen Teodor - The establishment of the correlation between the deepness of the phreatic level and the humidity at the soil surface, in the experimental field from the waterworks in Oradea, Bihor county

11.     CIOBANU Gheorghe, CIOBANU Cornelia, VUŞCAN Adrian, COSMA Corina - The effect of nitrogen rates application in different phosphatic potential level on maize yield and its chemical composition in preluvosoil conditions from Oradea

12.     COSTESCU Ioana Alina, NEMEŞ Nicoleta - Presentation o the weap model (the water evaluation and planning system). case study hydrographic basin of the river Bega

13.     COTEŢ Valentina, MOCANU Victoria, DUMITRU Sorina - Geographical distribution of soils from braila plain (Northern Baragan) their use and management problems

14.     COTEŢ Valentina, EFTENE M. L., MOCANU Victoria - The influence of horizontal drainage on crops production in the trial plot Lacu Sarat, Braila

15.     BOJA N., BOJA F., TEUŞDEA A.,  CARŢIŞ Mihaela - The variation of the ratio level of the soil after its processing in a classical tillage system and in a minimum tillage system

16.     Hălbac-Cotoară-Zamfir Rareş - Designing a drip irrigation system using hydrocalc irrigation planning

17.     Hălbac-Cotoară-Zamfir Rareş - Results obtained in drainage arrangements design by using drainspace application

18.     MOISA Carmen, MIRCOV Vlad, NITA Lucian - Severe weather cooling caused by the scandinavian anticyclone

19.     POPESCU Marius - Considerations on the cernisoils from the central eastern part of the southern Bărăgan

20.     POPESCU Marius, RANCA Aurora, PREFAC Zoia, CRACU George-Marius - Aspects concerning the water requirement in vineyard agro-ecosystems from semi-arid areas from Romania

21.     SALA F., RADULOV Isidora, CRISTA F., BERBECEA Adina - Fertilising systems and yield quality in winter wheat in the conditions of the ds in Timisoara

22.     niţĂ l., MIHUŢ casiana, STROIA M., LAŢO K. - Assessing crude oil extraction damaged agricultural lands in the Lovrin area (Timis county)

23.     ŞTEFAN V., DUMA-COPCEA Anişoara, NIŢĂ L., MIHUŢ Casiana - Lipovei hills: a study of the Şanoviţa Lucareţ volcanic area

24.     RADULOV Isidora, SALA F., BERBECEA Adina, CRISTA F. - Changes of soil microelements content after intesive mineral fertilization


Friday 15th of May 2009, 800-930


25.     MIHUŢ Casiana, ŞTEFAN V., NIŢĂ L., DUMA-COPCEA Anişoara - The influence fertilization of production upon the apple tree in different culture system from s.d. Timisoara

26.     DUMA-COPCEA Anişoara,  ŞTEFAN V., MIHUŢ Casiana - Soil production capacity from Periam, Timiş county for different crops and agricultural use

27.     Manea Dan Nicolae, PILOCA Lorin, Crciu Gheorghe, Alda Simion - Effect of tillage on soil physical features, weed control and yield in winter wheat and maize

28.     STROIA Ciprian, JOUANY Claire, ARSENE GicuGabriel, NEACŞU Alina, STROIA Marius - The evolution of the nutrition index in relation to water regime

29.     ŞUMĂLAN Radu, BEINŞAN Carmen, CAMEN Dorin, ŞUMĂLAN Renata, SCHMIDT Brigitta, POPESCU Ioana, GAŞPAR Sorin - The fertilization influence on the beans chemical compositions of some cultivated hybrids maize in Banat area









Sustainable development and environmental engineering

Moderators:    Prof. dr. Hysen Mankolli

                          Prof. dr. Silvica Oncia              

                         Assoc. prof. dr. Cosmin Popescu

Secretary:       Assist. Narcis Băghină


Thursday 14th of May 2009, 1100-1800

  1. JOVANOVIĆ Draen, SAJFERT Z. - Leadership and management in the transitional period
  2. MANKOLLI Hysen, PEULI Velesin, SHAHINI Shpend, ASLLANI Agim - The evaluation of pollution of agricultural land by Pb and Cr, Albania
  3. ZSTR Brigitta - Management of the stud farm of Mezőhegyes after the change of regime
  4. DUSHAJ Lefteri, SALILLARI Ilir, SULJOTI Valentina, CENAMERI Majlinda, SALLAKU Fatbardh - Application on gis for land use planning: a case study in central part of Albania
  5. SALLAKU Fatbardh, Huqi BUJAR, TOTA Odeta, MEMA Mitat, FORTUZI Shkelqim, JOJI Etleva - Dynamics of land-use and land-cover change in Albania: environmental consequences and policy response
  6. Antofie Maria-Mihaela, Sand Camelia - Insights into the biotech policy and europeans tendency
  7. BĂBUCĂ Nicolae Ion, CIOLAC Valeria, POPESCU Cosmin, SUMULEAC Adrian, SPILCA Mihaela - GPS solutions for roads: different gps operation types and applications
  8. BISTREAN Daniel-Simion, BORZA I., ARSENE G.-G., AVRAM Adriana - Establishment and evolution of natural vegetation on abandoned agricultural fields in the superior basin of the bega river between margina and romanesti (Timis department)
  9. BLAJ Robert, MĂRGINEAN Mariana, STANCIU Mirela - Apects regarding to ecological reconstruction at Copşa Mică, Sibiu County
  10. BLAJ Robert,  STANCIU Mirela - Aspects concerning the optimization of the hunting area nr. 40 agnita exploitation, Sibiu county
  11. CAZANESCU Severin, CAZANESCU Raluca, BERBECARU Dan - Sustainable development in agriculture with respect to energy savings potential
  12. CAZANESCU Severin, MARACINEANU Florin, CONSTANTIN Elena - Software application for irrigation water management optimization
  13. CRMACIU Diana, SMIT Ildico - Judicial financial aspects of the cross-border cooperation in the domain of environmental protection
  14. CONSTANTINESCU Laura - Rehabilitation of the polluted soils-Zlatna area
  15. COSTESCU Ioana Alina, NEMEŞ Nicoleta - Land reclamation arrangements impact in soils evolution for hydrographic basin of the river Bega
  16. COVACI C., ROGOBETE Gh., LAZAROVICI M., COVACI D. - Ecological reconstruction of forest land in the area Sicheviţa, Caraş-Severin county
  17. Dorog Sorin Lucian - The influence of the management type on the diameters categories` structure of some stands from O.S. Dobreşti U.P. III Vrciorog
  18. Dorog Sorin Lucian - Evaluations and proposals concerning the management of the national park apuseni mountains for the sustainable development
  19. DUMITRU Sorina, IGNAT Petru, ANGHEL Amelia, GHERGHINA Alina, VRNCEANU Andrei - Mapping the nitrate contamination levels in the groundwater in Timis county a gis approach
  20. DUMITRU Sorina, CALCIU Irina, SIMOTA Catalin, DUMITRU Mihail, EFTENE Marius - The nutrient management plan at farm level
  21. GOLOŞIE Laura, ROGOBETE Gheorghe - Sustainable development in economic areas abandoned
  22. LACATUSU Anca-Rovena, LACATUSU Radu, DUMITRU Mihail, LUNGU Mihaela - Role of mineral fertilization in accelerating the bioremediation process of a soil polluted with crude oil
  23. MOCANU Natalia, MAZĂRE Victoria - Agrarian restructuring achievements and perspectives
  24. NEMEŞ Nicoleta, COSTESCU Ioana Alina - Consequences upon the environment determinated by the human activitiy in Bistra couloir area
  25. MARINESCU Mariana, DUMITRU M., LĂCĂTUŞU Anca - Biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in an artificial polluted soil
  26. PEPTAN Carmen-Aurelia, VOICU Cristina-Otilia - Constructive aspects of foundations  from curved thin plates
  27. PEPTAN Carmen-Aurelia, VOICU Cristina-Otilia - Characteristic aspects of interaction structure-foundation-foundation soil for constructions type hall with large spans
  28. PREFAC Zoia, URDEA Maria-Cornelia, POPESCU Marius, CRACU George Marius - Landscapes analysis according to corine methodology of the Rmna hydrological basin
  29. MALIŢA Ioan, BERAR Traian, ZGLIMBEA Petre, MALIŢA Florian - The framing of art works within the environment
  30. MALIŢA Ioan, MALIŢA Florian - New concepts in the realization of plantations within roads area


Friday 15th of May 2009, 800-930

  1. ŢĂRĂU Dorin, ONCIA Silvica, ŢĂRĂU Irina, DICU Daniel - The evaluation of ecological and pedological resources from Vinga plain for protection, conservation and durable utilization of rural space
  2. IENCIU Anisoara Aurelia, OKROS Adalbert, BITEA Marius - Perspectives of agriculture in the context of the rural development of Recas
  3. DANCEA Lucreţiu, MERCE Iuliana - The quality of human life under industrial revolution
  4. DANCEA Lucreţiu, MERCE Iuliana - Energy dynamics & environmental health
  5. DICU Daniel, BORZA Iacob,  ŢĂRAU Dorin - Dynamics of some components from agro-system in conservation and conventional tillage of soil










Moderators:    Prof. dr. Jean Barloy

                          Prof. dr. Gicu Arsene

                          Prof. dr. Radu Palicica

Secretary:       Assist. dr. Ciprian Stroia


Thursday 14th of May 2009, 1100-1800


1.        BARLOY Jean, PRUNAR Florin - Observations on the taxa distinguishing characters of c. (eucarabus) obsoletus sturm 1825, presents in Romania

2.        ANILA Hoda, Bytyqi Hysen, Dobi Petrit, Mehmeti Hajrip - Genetic diversity of bardhoka breed in Albania and Kosova analyzed by microsatellite markers

3.        Purnhauser Lszl,  Bna Lajos - Detection of Sr31 and Sr36 stem rust resistance genes by molecular markers in wheat cultivars registered in Hungary

4.        Hasalliu Rozeta, Beli Elvira, Terpollari Jorinda - The influence of storage temperature of cheese on the incidence of Staphylococcus aureus in some markets in Albania

5.         DJAPIC Nina, DJURIC Aleksandar and PAVLOVIC Aleksandar - Chlorophyll biodegradation in vitis vinifera var. Pinot Noir autumanal leaves

6.        ALBU Anca Nicoleta, LUNGU Marius, PANAITESCU Liliana- Influence of the hotosynthetically active radiation on crops in the Romanian coastal zone

7.        CIOBANU A., CICHI M. - The growth characteristics for several plum varieties cultivated in central zone from oltenia, depending on graft/rootstock bio-system

8.        CIOBANU A., CICHI M.- Research for the radicular system allocation for the anna spath plum variety, cultivated on the brown-reddish soil conditions from Oltenia

9.        CHICINAŞ Camelia, HAŞ Ioan, HAŞ Voichiţa - Phenotypic caracterization of maize inbred lines differentiated through cytoplasm

10.     LIPSA F. D., SNOWDON R.J., FRIEDT W. - qtl analysis of condensed tannins content in brassica napus

11.     FODOR Ecaterina, HRUŢA Ovidiu - Niche partition of two invasive insect species, Parectopa robiniella (Lepidoptera; Gracillariidae) and Phyllonorycter robiniella (clem.) (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)

12.     ARSENE Alina-Margareta,  ARSENE Gicu-Gabriel, NEACŞU Alina-Georgeta, STROIA Ciprian - The specific diversity of weed communities in winter wheat and corn fields, in Timis county (2006, 2007)

13.     Samuel Alina Dora, DOMUŢA Cornel, Şandor Maria, Vuşcan Adrian - Soil enzyme activities under long-term tillage and crop rotation systems.

14.     PRUNAR Florin, BARLOY Jean, PRUNAR Silvia - Observations on species of the genus Carabus l. in Carpathian arc

15.     STROE Marinela, ISPAS Sofia,  DAMIAN Ion - The agrobiological and technological evaluation of some picks clone of main variety rights center grown in the pietroasa vineyard, to extend in culture

16.     RADA Olga, SĂRĂNDAN Horea, PALICICA Radu, BALINT Adrian, LUCA Călin, BIA Corina, Mihaela BĂDILIŢĂ - Diurnal behaviour in pregnant sow

17.     RADA Olga, SĂRĂNDAN Horea, PALICICA Radu, MORVAY Attila, FAUR Bogdan - Nutritional behaviour and aggressiveness of piglets in the first days after weaning

18.     NEACŞU Alina, ARSENE Gicu Gabriel, FĂRCĂŞESCU Alina, FAUR Florin - The vegetation of the accumulation lake liebling (Timis county)

19.     NEACŞU Alina, GicuGabriel ARSENE, FĂRCĂŞESCU Alina, STROIA Ciprian - The vegetation of the accumulation lake Snandrei (Timiş county)







Power Resources and Agricultural Machinery


Moderators:  Prof. dr. V. Mocanu

                          Assoc. prof. dr. Sorin Bungescu

                          Lecturer  dr. E. Jojić

Secretary:      Lecturer Lorin Piloca


Thursday 14th of May 2009, 1100-1800


1.        JOJI Etleva, Bujar HUQI, Fatbardh SALLAKU, Odeta TOTA, Shkelqim FORTUZI- Land fragmentation and utilization of agricultural machinery in Albanian conditions

2.        Mocanu V., Hermenean I. New mechanization alternatives with low inputs for reseeding degraded grasslands

3.        MARIASIU Florin, BURNETE N., DEAC T. - Possibilities to determinate the biofuels physically parameters in functional conditions

4.        MARIAŞIU Florin, DEAC T. - Anticollision algorithm for v2v autonomuos agricultural machines

5.        Hermenean I., Mocanu V. - New mechanization alternatives with low inputs for over sowing degraded grasslands

6.        BOJA  F., BOJA N., TEUŞDEA A. - The analysis of the phenomenon of drift of the drops after the spraying on oaken saplings placed in neighbouring, equidistant and grouped rows with the atomiser stihl sr 420

7.        DEAC Teodora, ROŞ Victor, MARIAŞIU Florin, DEAC Marius - Software for evaluation of agricultural farm energy potential

8.        DEAC Teodora, ROŞ Victor, MARIAŞIU Florin, BORZA Gheorghe - Possibilities of efficient use of wood waste from silviculture and wood industry

9.        DUMITRU Mariana - Researches on the agricultural machines operator performances

10.     DUMITRU Mariana - Studies and researches on tillage machines

11.     Tonea Cornelia, Ilea Radu, DRĂGOI Gheorghe, Popa Daniel, PILOCA Lorin, Elena TONEA-Studies on superficial tillage with aggregates of 45 hp, 65hp, 70 hp tractors and ploughs with 2, 3 and 4 plough bodies

12.     DRĂGOI Gheorghe, PILOCA Lorin, TONEA Cornelia, Ilea Radu, Popa Daniel - A comparative study of the technical performances of precision sowing machines used in the cultivation of maize

13.     DRĂGOI Gheorghe, PILOCA Lorin, MANEA Dan Cultivating maize in unconventional soil working systems

14.     Popa Daniel, TONEA Cornelia, DRĂGOI Gheorghe, Ilea Radu, PILOCA Lorin, TONEA Elena, BECHERESCU Alexandra - Study about the power consumptions to the works of the soil

15.     Ilea Radu, TONEA Cornelia, DRĂGOI Gheorghe, Popa Daniel, PILOCA Lorin - Experimental researches on flat sieve working processes













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